Meet the team

Founder/Executive Director

Tameir Moore

With a deep-rooted passion for community welfare and a steadfast commitment to fostering positive change, he has dedicated himself to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

Over the years, he has been privileged to spearhead numerous community-focused initiatives, serving as the driving force behind a series of impactful events designed to uplift and support our community members, especially our youth. Through his endeavors, we've organized diverse events that have not only brought joy but also addressed pressing needs within our community.

One of his core initiatives has been organizing events specifically tailored to be free entry to the public. Witnessing the transformative power of these events and the genuine impact, it has made him dedicated to creating opportunities that empower our youth and provide essential resources for their growth and development. It's his firm belief that by nurturing our community's youngest members, we lay the foundation for a brighter, more promising future !

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Work Number: 602-692-3076

Head of Resource Development

Moses Ontiveros

Meet Moses, our passionate catalyst for change and the driving force behind our resource development efforts. As the Head of Resource Development, Moses fuels our mission to transform lives in the homeless community and among at-risk youth by ensuring we have the essential support to make a real difference.

With an infectious energy for social impact, Moses orchestrates strategic initiatives that not only raise funds but also ignite a spark of change. His innovative approaches and forward-thinking strategies have opened doors to new collaborations and funding avenues, propelling our organization's growth and impact.

His expertise in building lasting partnerships and his genuine commitment to our cause have propelled us to new heights. His vision is not just about meeting goals; it's about creating a movement, a community dedicated to making a lasting impact on the world.

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Program Director

Savannah Bohannon

As a dedicated advocate for social justice, Savannah plays a pivotal role in designing and implementing innovative programs that address the unique challenges faced by the disadvantaged and at-risk youth. She excels in developing holistic approaches that not only provide immediate support but also foster long-term resilience and opportunities for growth. With a relentless dedication to advocacy, Savannah leads with empathy, guiding our team towards sustainable solutions and impactful interventions. She embodies our organization's values, infusing every program with compassion, innovation, and a pursuit of equity and empowerment.

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Head of Community Outreach

Ty'erra Carter

With a heart for service and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections, Ty'erra leads our outreach efforts to strengthen ties within the community and extend our impact.

As Head of Community Outreach, Ty'erra spearheads initiatives to build bridges between our organization and the community. She collaborates with local partners, helps organize events, and ensure that our programs align with the evolving needs of the neighborhoods we serve. Ty'erra believes that genuine change starts with community involvement.

By fostering open communication and establishing trust, Ty'erra ensures that 4THELUV remains a valuable resource and a source of support for all. She is committed to creating a community where everyone feels heard, supported, and empowered. Through their efforts, we aim to bring about positive transformations and spread LUV to every corner of the world.

Director of Product Innovation

Shaun Richards

Meet our visionary Director of Product Innovation & Brand Development. His creative prowess shapes the very essence of our mission-driven merchandise.

In his role, Shaun leads the charge in crafting purpose-driven products that not only reflect our commitment to community but also serve as beacons of LUV. By infusing our products with meaning, we are able to foster connections, spark conversations, and build bridges within our community.

His role isn't just about design and branding; it's about weaving narratives that evoke emotion, inspire action, and advocate for change. Shaun's innovative approach and commitment to excellence propel us forward!

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