Past Initiatives and Events

Discover our journey, and explore our early impact as we work to build a legacy of positive change and LUV around the world !

6/15/24: Our Hottest Heat Relief Outreach yet

During a record breaking 113 degree day, we distributed 100 heat relief kits, along with over 300 ice cold waters to help the unhoused beat the heat.

6/6/24: Kit Making with All-State

We got the opportunity to partner with All State and educate them on what we do and show their employees how to make hygiene kits. These kits consisted of donated items such as Toothpaste, Soap, deodorant, toothbrush, and other essential supplies. We were able to distribute all 100 kits during our monthly community outreaches for the unhoused.

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5/26/24: First Outreach Geared towards Heat Relief

As Arizona temperatures soar, our focus at 4TheLUV has shifted on providing essential relief to our unhoused neighbors most impacted by the scorching summer heat.

Over 30 Heat Relief & Hygiene Kits: These kits contain essential items to help people stay cool and maintain hygiene during the hot days, such as sunscreen, water bottles, hats, cooling towels, and hygiene products.

Over 200 Ice Cold Waters: Staying hydrated is crucial in extreme heat, and we were happy to provide this vital refreshment to those in need.

This is just the beginning! We are committed to expanding our reach and impact within the community during this hot summer.

5/18/24: The Kolorful Event

Over 50 shirts, were tie-dyed during the event. These colorful creations will be sent to South Africa, where they'll be used during the Modern Day Miracle Tour, a music tour dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth.

We played a part in raising funds and spreading positive energy across the globe. The impact goes beyond the shirts – it's a message of hope and inspiration for young people in South Africa

4/14/24-4/21/24: Stim n Style Event

We partnered with Cut'N Corners & Convos Barbershop along with other organizations to provide free haircuts, sensory kits and food to neurodivergent youth between the ages of 3-17. We were able help the community learn and connect in a nuero-inclusive environment to help grow the awareness and push the conversation forward. We're committed to organizing more initiatives that empower underserved communities such as this one!

3/3/24: Launched our Youth Fitness and Leadership Program

We officially launched Operation Trail Trek, our FREE youth program. For our first expedition we collaborated with our partners the Desert Botanical Gardens to give the kid's and their families an unforgettable experience! We can't wait to continue our expeditions monthly !

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2/24/24: People Helping People

February 24, 4THELUV had the first edition of our People Helping People event. We just wanted to provide an atmosphere filled with LUV. We let people come and get a free meal thanks to our partner Brisket King. We allowed people to go through and take what they needed from our collected donations of clothes, blankets, shoes, and essential hygiene products!

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2/4/24: Community Welcome Event

On February 4th, We had our official unveiling to the community. Giving them a chance to hear who we are, what we do, and our roadmap for the near future. It was an amazing experience to connect with the community and share our vision, and our mission to bring more LUV in the world.

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1/14/24: Feedback from "The Zone"

On January 14, 2023, 4THELUV ventured back to 'the zone' in Downtown Phoenix to connect with the unhoused community. Our mission was clear: gather firsthand feedback from those we aim to support. In a thoughtful approach, we crafted a specific survey with targeted questions, aiming to gather authentic feedback on what they truly need. Amidst the freeze warning, we also distributed over 300 hand warmers, offering warmth and comfort to those facing harsh conditions. The valuable insights gained compelled us to make this initiative a recurring commitment. Join us in creating a meaningful impact, guided by the voices and resilience of those in need!

December 23rd, 2023: Feed the Zone in Downtown Phoenix

On a Saturday, two days before Christmas, the 4THELUV team gathered our resources through community donations and were able to feed 300 individuals in the unhoused community of “the zone” in Downtown Phoenix. We prepared 200 hot dogs, 100 sandwiches, and distributed 200 water bottles in our initiatives.

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December 16, 2023: Kids Christmas Experience

4THELUV was able to collaborate with Moore Visuals Studio for their second annual Kid’s Christmas event. We helped provide a snow machine, a bounce house, 5 different stations of Christmas activities, and enough hot chocolate for 100 kids.

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Kids X-MAS Experience 2023

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December 12th - December 21st: Winter Sock Drive

We collected donations of new, unused winter socks to give to the unhoused community in Downtown Phoenix. Through community efforts we were able to gather enough socks for 50 individuals!